Event color according to the seasons

Event color according to the seasons
Event color according to the seasons

A magnificent soft colored room and an arched doorway filled with antiques and brightly colored flowers. Elegant design exudes luxurious ambiance, met by a huge bouquet of violet colored flowers in vast vases and brightly lit goblets. Decor’s light pastels reflect the soft purple color scheme of the impressive flower displays and a delightful fragrance greets guests. The Colour theme can set the stage for any wedding decoration making it a most notable attraction.

Colour is a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action, influence mood, and even influence physiological reactions. Certain colors have been associated with increased blood pressure, increased metabolism, and eyestrain. Colors are so important in our lives, more so when we need to make an impact during an event. Holding an event is basically in the short term so it is important for us to make the right impression that will in all cases remain in the minds of people we come into contact with, or to attract visitors to our event.

Your wedding colors will be some of the most defining features of your big day. While they’re not as prominent as, say, your dress or your first dance as newlyweds, your wedding color palette subtly ties together all the details, from the flowers to the signage and the table décor, into one cohesive theme. Designing a clear wedding color scheme will make it look like you thought of everything for your nuptials. When guests leave at the end of the night, a consistent color palette is one detail that they won’t forget. After all, if you put in the effort to craft escort cards that match the bridesmaid’s dresses and the signature drink, your loved ones will take notice.

Every event organizer will try to synergize lighting, sound system, and décor to their best possible impact but the key to all this is color. You just might wreck your whole event if the color scheme is way off the mark, unless of course if your intentions are to be notorious with a riot of mismatched colors.

Any event management team will consider the most suitable color scheme based on your brand of the wedding theme. This is where all the brain-storming starts and everyone will have their opinion about the “best” color. One thing is for certain, colors used to present a specific identity and define the message, distinction, and character. Therefore recommendations on the use of colors in an event have to first be established during the wedding planning stage.

Choosing your own wedding colors:

It can be so exciting to choose a color scheme for your event but keep hold or getting carried away is a big possibility. Some of the colors that can be considered are the primary colors of red, blue, and green, yellow, purple, and of course black and white. To have an idea of what each color signifies

Red is used when you want to create a sense of excitement, motion and trendsetting. However, the color red is dominating and invokes attention much like a bull that sees a red flag. It can also express power and love, so keep in mind the use of the red and be precise which expression you want to create in combination with your overall theme.

Blue primarily signifies a sense of intelligence, loyalty, and command. So if you want to impart or are branding your company in a new product launch to build a loyal following of consumers, this is a good color to use. There are many shades of blue that can be used in an event, but the deeper the color the soberer it is so do consider a vibrant blue as an option.

Green on the other hand signifies nature, health, a new beginning, a sense of growth and optimism, caring for the environment as well as regeneration. The color combinations tied in with the décor of your furniture/set up in the event will make this an outstanding theme.

Yellow is used to express sheer joy and celebration, energy and warmth, or even as a warning. Knowing how to use the yellow in your event theme is important as well as which shade of yellow to use. Lighting has to be considered as yellow tends to be lost if the lighting is too strong in the venue of your event.

Purple is for those who are daring, spiritual, mystical, and alluring, wealth, and of course magic. Not many people or events use the purple unless they are in the entertainment industry. However, if you feel that you want to create an impression of the above qualities during your event, this is interesting to consider.

Orange can be used if you want to portray confidence in competition, potency, a driving force, and energy. It is a very vibrant to use and to make it more interesting, it can be used with a combination of black and white to make it truly outstanding and authoritative.

Black and white should be used sparingly unless it is a night event that has a party atmosphere with lots of bright and colorful lighting. Adding shimmering and tinsel effects are a good combination as it will stand out against dark backgrounds and white is a good light reflector.

The Trendiest Colours for the Wedding Decor:

Classic Blue: Starting the list is the Pantone shade of the year. A color that draws attention with its calming and serene vibe, classic blue is a color that we are sure many weddings in 2020 will embrace without a hint of doubt. Classic Blue, is a timeless and enduring hue elegant in its simplicity. From decor elements like tassels, ribbons, and flowers, to larger items like furniture, stages, and backdrops, this classic shade and is going to be part of every wedding

Dreamy Purple: Blush pinks and pastel pinks are so, will see a surge in the use of lilacs, plums, and every other shade on the purple card. A vibrant and voguish choice for wedding decor, this color adds a ‘fairytale’ like element to any occasion. Whether you choose to style, this color matches well with almost every other color to create magical embellishments.

Earthy Green: A color that symbolizes fresh beginnings, prosperity & harmony, green a color that has recently risen to prominence and a big shout out to all the brides who chose to wear green lehengas at their weddings! Green rarely requires any artificial elements to hold it together and lush ferns and foliage, only the natural beauty of any venue. Enchanting green nature-themed wedding decorations ooze freshness and make your wedding functions more rejuvenating and blissful. So, if you’re looking to add a touch of nature to your wedding, go ahead and choose green

Bright Yellow: Bright, sunny & warm these are the words best used to describe the color yellow. This bold hue adds a much-needed pop of color to any wedding function. Honestly, if happiness was a color, it would be yellow! Whether it’s bright yellow sunflowers or marigolds on a floral ceiling or just elements like yellow table centerpieces & Mehendi seating arrangements, this color can be added to your wedding decor with much ease.

Ethereal White: A color that truly makes your wedding look like a scene from the movies, a color loved by all wedding decorators. Though we saw a lot of quirky colors at weddings, white was surprisingly quite prominent and will continue to stay strong forever. Fitting perfectly with both subtly elegant decor and rustic decor, white has a captivating charm of its own. So brides, if you’re looking to add a fanciful vibe to your wedding, then white is the right color for your decor.

Wedding Color Combinations for Any Season:

The same color will look very different in the context of other colors – some compliment and some contrast. The graphic below illustrates how the same color is affected in different ways by the other color surrounding it. You have to decide what suits the venue backdrop as well as the design palette you think is going to create a wow event. This can be done by looking at ways in which you see your palette, based on color combining rules, that includes the question – do I want a contrasting or complementary color palette?

Green and Ivory: Nature lovers, this lively color combo in a rustic barn or on an industrial rooftop, green and ivory will bring a breath of fresh air to your nuptials. If you prefer greenery over flowers, trade traditional blooms for modern garlands of long, wispy greens for a wedding the color theme that’s minimal and chic.

Since these wedding colors are fairly simple, consider including statement textiles to add depth to your décor. Woven baskets, tin or terra cotta pots, and mismatched candle clusters can all serve as unique ways to decorate and serve as functional parts of your wedding. Let your guests take home potted plants as favors, or use baskets to hold toiletries in the bathroom or blankets if you’ll be outdoors.

Blue and Gold: Blue and gold might have the tendency to feel nautical, especially when paired with ivory. Darker gradients of blue as your main wedding color, and allows metallic gold to serve as an accent shade. Even incorporating warm neutral and beige tones will tie the colors together seamlessly. Go for blue flowers with stems of baby’s breath in your bouquet, or opt for statement metallic stationery with delicate blue lettering for a subtle pop of color.

Red and White: Red is the color of love, so what better way to honor your union than with a dark, deep red wall complements the red floral and neutral table arrangement. If your wedding venue has standout colors, allow it to add to your wedding palette, not distract from it. Since red is a bold color, go for light accent shades so your theme doesn’t feel too overpowering. Embrace the bright shade in your bouquet, with your lipstick choice, or even your shoes. Bring in red pops through table chargers, signage, or even a neon sign behind your sweetheart table.

Blush, Emerald, and White: These lure wedding colors will leave guests green with envy over your elegant style. Yet another way to play with color is to experiment with opacity. As seen here, a matte pink vase gorgeously complements its translucent green counterpart. The addition of a blue geode elevates this gem-inspired color palette. Since emerald is the boldest color of the three, let it stand out as your base shade. Adding in light blush and white accents will enhance the gem tone, allowing it to shine. You can bring in more deep green shades through the greenery, geode accents, green lettering, or even glassware. Add in minimal white and pink tones to lighten up your wedding colors.

Yellow and Blush: When paired together, yellow and blush can fit a romantic gathering or bohemian wedding—it all comes down to execution. Crisp shades of pink, yellow, and white will feel bright and summery, while darker, muted shades of daffodil, salmon, and mohair will create a palette that’s fit for a trendy desert vibe. Yellow and blush lend themselves to outdoor settings. The brighter your color palette, the more classic your wedding will feel. Conversely, if you want your wedding space to feel like the inside of an Anthropologies store, accent muted hues with natural, grassy plants, cozy seating areas, and lots of warm lighting.

Orange and Fuchsia: If going bold is totally your style, combining two strong colors will show off your affinity for the unexpected. Because these hues are on the same side of the color wheel, their undertones will act as a seamless gradient rather than two contrasting shades. Since orange and fuchsia are both strong shades, make sure that your supporting wedding colors are neutral. Doing so will ensure that both shades pop wherever they’re featured. Otherwise, the addition of stronger colors may distract from the theme you’re going for.

When you’re figuring out how to design your color palette you need to remember that we perceive colors in the context in which we see them. Looking at colors side by side and in the context of a venue is the starting point. For example, the venue may have a strong color palette in terms of its wall colors, fixtures, and fittings. Some venues have very ‘loud’ curtains and some have neutral colors. It’s always a good idea to record the venue backdrop color palette as a point of reference to inform your design decisions.

Picking your wedding colors, though, it’s important to feel empowered to choose shades you love. If you’re planning a summer wedding but adore the deep, warm shades of autumn, don’t feel like you have to skip it to follow tradition. In fact, some of the most memorable weddings are those that challenge traditional rules. To help craft your ideal shade pairings, we’ve rounded up the best wedding color ideas that’ll work for any season. Once you decide on your wedding colors, the rest of the planning details will fall into place.

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